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re: Sign Up and Show Up Rules


Into The West uses the signup feature on this guild launch website (rapid raid). Since we are a causal raiding kin we do not always 'fill up' with players as a more hardcore raiding kin might. This leads to competition for spots come raid night. The following are the rules for prioritizing who we take and who has to sit out on any given raid night. 

1) Online signups. We encourage players to sign up on the website as far in advance of the raid as possible. You will sign up with your main. You can make a note on your sign up if you would like to bring an alt, but you may be asked to switch to help balance the group. Signups take priority over those that are online and wanting to raid. Available and Tentative signups at raid time get priority over online and ready.

Raid spots may be assigned 12 to 24 hrs in advance. Only players signed up as available can be assigned a predetermined raid spot. If you sign up as available and cannot make it, please comment in the shout box or change it to tentative or unavailable.  People who are regularly signing up as available and do not show up may be replaced at the raid leader's discretion. Any remaining raid spots will be given to tentative players when they can confirm that they will be attending the raid, Any remaining spots will be filled at the raid leader's discretion after that. 

2) Punctuality. We want everyone to be on time and ready to go at the posted raid times. We will be forming up 15 mins prior to raid time. We expect everyone to be traited, have food/scrokens/consumables on hand and ready to raid. If you are signed up and are not online by 5 minutes prior to raid start time, we will take another non-signed up kin member that is online and ready to go.  If the raid is not filled by start time, it is up to the raid leader's discretion as to wait, cancel the raid or fill with people outside the kin.

3) Class Balance. For the more difficult raid content we will need to form well balanced groups. Some content may require certain numbers of specific classes etc. If you get passed up multiple times in a row let the raid leader or officers know. It is your responsibility to let us know, especially if you don't show up consistently. We are human and forget; 1 raid leader may not let the next know you sat out. We have to balance between fair and practical for the raid leaders.


We know real life comes first and 'stuff' happens but we also have real people waiting. PLEASE be considerate of your other kin members.


*Revised for Helm's Deep to reflect goal to start raids on time, or to find something else for people to do other than sit around and wait for the raid to begin. 11/4/2013

**Revised to reflect changes made to the Rapid Raid and Raid organization on 2/5/2014

***Location moved to proper forum thread 8/15/2014

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